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Written on:February 4, 2013
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Would You Ever ‘Not Tell The Bride’?

In the TV programme ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ the groom has to make ALL the wedding decisions in return for a £12,000 budget.

Would you ever go through with this? The concept of the show is the bridegroom has to arrange the wedding in a limited time span. The venue, catering and the DRESS!

It’s true to say you’d have to be a particular type of person to put your whole faith in this, as it involves a tight bond of trust. Many believe you’d have to know each other down to the very last detail in order to ensure a successful outcome on the big day.

Would you be brave enough to go through with this wedding format? Experts will tell that you brides can be very self centred when it comes to wedding planning. It is, after all, their very special day. So would you be happy not being part of the process?

It certainly means the groom would have to get everything absolutely right, or face the consequences from his bride-to-be. And let’s face it, this doesn’t just involve the happy couple; it can also affect both friends and family; you want to have fond memories of the event to last the rest of your lives.

Weddings involve such intricate levels of organisation that it surely demands the involvement of both parties. Weddings are big business and can’t be planned lightly. There are so many different services to choose from and so many different venues for the reception are available. Check out the free business listings at Directory Store and you’ll find some fantastic information.

One of the most important and personal aspects of the wedding is the bride’s dress. Surely this has to be her decision and hers alone? In reality, away from the cameras of this television show, the majority of budding brides might feel that this was such an intimate decision which only they could make. The television programme might make for fascinating viewing, but the whole point seems to be that the ‘journey’ must involve both parties. The whole point of coming together in wedded bliss is exactly that, ‘coming together’. This also includes the organisation of the ceremony itself.

Wedding services found with Directory Store will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on what’s best for you as a couple. So, unless someone offers you a budget to organise your wedding, keep the levels of communication fully open and save on a lot of aggravation later! Weddings are special and should remain this way!

Leyla Mehmet

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