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Written on:November 6, 2012
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Are these your new pair of shoes?

For the sports orientated looking after your feet takes on an even greater importance, and now the latest trend in footwear is set to create happy feet for thousands of individuals who love participating in sport. There are gloves for hands – and now there are gloves for feet!

Glove shoes attempt to mimic the feeling you would get by walking barefoot, except they are predominantly running shoes. They help you walk and run in a natural manner, so this is ideal for things like yoga, jogging and long distance running. They are designed for maximum comfort and actively help the feet become stronger and more supple. The shoes are flexible and slip resistant, so they actually help prevent injury and the room allowed for the adaptability of each toe strengthens the muscles in the feet. This should mean that you can hopefully avoid foot injuries and the foot clinic for longer!

The benefits of running barefoot have long been supported by scientific research. And there is plenty of evidence to show training without shoes allows you to run faster and further after practice. They are perfect for all kinds of water sports and are catching on fast. Podiatrists – and you can find many in a UK business directory like Directory Store, have given their blessing to the latest foot innovation, but they are keen to add it all depends on the personal mechanics of the foot as to whether they are ideal for you or not. You will also need to measure the distance between the heel of your foot and the longest toe in inches in order to get your correct shoe size.

The fact is some people will need greater foot support than others, and the individual needs to be comfortable wearing them. When you begin using them you will almost certainly need to change the mechanics of how you run. When you walk barefoot you naturally think about the surface below you as opposed to walking in your shoes. You sense things a great deal more – glove shoes are a lot like this.

Glove shoes are certainly a great innovation when used correctly but always remember the moment you have problems act immediately. The Directory Store gives plenty of information on how you can find your nearest Podiatrist or Chiropodist. If you’re thinking of trying glove shoes then make sure you shop around and look at the options available to you before making a final purchase.

Glove shoes can help you look after your feet on the sports field, on the track and in the water!

Leyla Mehmet

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