Instagram – The Future of Photography?

Written on:November 16, 2012
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Have you stumbled across photographs online that are presented in post-it-note shapes, with an added fancy filter on top? The chances are that you are looking at a photograph created by the smartphone app Instagram.

Instagram is an easy to use camera app that allows users to take photos then enhance them by using a host of different filters. The effect often is incredibly impressive, and can turn everyday mundane photos into works of art. In fact, some people have found that they have hidden photographer skills via this popular app, like Cory Staudacher, who has gained massive popularity for his photos, with no professional background. Cory’s work displays a broad range of portaits, landscapes, architecture and objects, to name just a few. With Instagram, Cory has managed to add beautiful colours, more depth and different feels, often giving a more vintage look.

As more and more people are taking to Instagram and other photo editing programmes, is this now the future of photography? Smart phones enable more people to access these apps, giving them the ability to create more professional photos via their phones then they may have been able to do beforehand with a compact digital camera.

However, regardless of these editing apps, not everyone makes a great photographer. Professional photographers are trained to understand lighting, positions, framing and other aspects of photographs, so they are able to create a more detailed, special and professional looking shot. Professional photographers are still essential in some situations. Would you do not trust someone with a smart phone camera to photograph your wedding or child’s christening? Perhaps not. So, why not hire a professional photographer to handle this kind event? You can find photographers via Directory Store, a free online directory that will put you in touch with photographers in your local area. Simply choose the photographer that best suits your needs and contact them via the information provided. Soon you’ll be getting beautiful photographs, without a smart phone in sight!

Kayleigh Powis

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