Horse Riding – The Pros and Cons

Written on:March 5, 2013
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Your new get-fit buddy?

It’s the beginning of the year, the time when plenty of us are thinking about starting a brand new exercise regime. Many joined a gym or started a local sport in an attempt to get in shape. But how many of you thought about horse riding as an alternative?

Before deciding on taking up some lessons, let’s first consider the pros and cons of riding.


Riding a horse regularly has been proven to improve strength, posture, balance and flexibility; all of which help to prevent aches and pains. Yes, your body will probably dislike you at first for spending a few hours on the back of a horse, but just like any exercise, once it adapts to the new way you are using your muscles and joints, then you will realise just how beneficial it actually is!

Horse riding is also incredibly fun and satisfying, especially if you are an animal lover. Many horse riders comment on the bond that is created between the rider and horse. Over time, the horse will grow to love you just as much as you love riding him or her!

There are plenty of different types of horse riding to consider before you start your lessons. For example: dressage, western, gaming or simple riding. Before you decide on what type of horse riding you would like to try, it is worth getting in touch with a centre or research online to determine which will be the most suitable for you.


Unfortunately, riding can be rather expensive. Not only are you paying out for the lesson itself, but most of the time you are expected to purchase equipment too, such as helmets and protective clothing. Some centres may be prepared to offer discounts on first-time riders, but looking around and researching the prices of different local centres before joining is advisable.

Like many sports, horse riding can be quite dangerous. A fall from a horse can be rather painful and may cause an injury. Whilst the horses may seem passive, their behaviour can also be a touch unpredictable at times. This should not deter you completely though, many riders are lucky enough to never have a fall!

The biggest deterrent for horse riding lessons for many people is the cost, but this should not stop you considering lessons. There are ways of making it cheaper. Why not contact your local stables to discuss prices and discounts? Use to find all the local stables and riding schools in your area. This free online business directory will provide you with the contact details for each centre, allowing you to either drop in or give them a call when you are certain that horse riding lessons are for you. Also, you will be able to voice any other concerns or get your questions answered by these centres. They’re experts in this field, and will be a great help!

So good luck, and happy riding!

Kayleigh Powis

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