What Is Hiding In Your Carpet?

Written on:February 4, 2013
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Think that’s only cat hairs and small crumbs scattered on your carpet? Think again. Carpets hold a lot more remnants of daily life than you may have thought. Carpets can be a breeding ground for bed bugs, with the females having the ability to lay thousands of eggs; this could end up becoming a big problem. Unsurprisingly, all homes contain bed bugs, but some people, unfortunately, have an aversion to them, citing bed bugs as the main cause for bites, rashes and other uncomfortable skin complaints. Not only are bed bugs a problem, but fleas, dust mites and mould also thrive within the fibres of your carpet.

Maintaining your carpet is essential for good health. Imagine abandoning vacuum cleaning, steaming or treating your carpet with carpet wash. Not only will dirt spread around the carpet, but all of those critters will too. Now imagine allowing your toddler to crawl around on your un-maintained carpet. Babies have a tendency to put their fingers in their mouths, so on a carpet which could be harbouring a huge amount of germs, this could be quite harmful for them. So to control the dirt, dust mites, or any other problems in carpets, ensure that carpets are hoovered and cleaned regularly. Using a cream cleaner or hoover will often only tackle the very top layer of the carpet, so it is a good idea to invest in the services of a deep cleaning company every once in a while. Not only will your carpet look great again, but all that harmful bacteria you have been harbouring previously will be eradicated.

Do not let this put you off getting carpets. Plenty of us love the feel of carpets under our feet, and they help to keep the house warm in the colder weather. With so many styles and colours to choose from, they definitely enhance the look of your house too!

If you are looking for a carpet fitter or carpet cleaning services, make sure you check on Directory Store. This free online directory is home to a variety of local tradesmen, including carpet fitters, who will be able to assist you when you require help. Once you have looked through the list of carpet fitters or carpet cleaners, choose the company that best suits your needs and contact them. Remember to keep your carpet in good condition whilst protecting your health by giving it some regular tender loving care!

Kayleigh Powis

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