UK B&Bs – A Great, Economical Way to Holiday!

Written on:March 15, 2013
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This way for a brilliant, British holiday…

In these cash-strapped times, it’s difficult to plan for a holiday.  Many people are used to the idea that a significant holiday will cost a small fortune, but that’s really not the case.  Once you decide to have a holiday on a budget, you’ll discover you can have a memorable holiday without even leaving the British Isles.

By far the most convenient way to have a comfortable holiday in the UK is to make use of a Bed and Breakfast. Most B&Bs are run by self-employed owners that rely on positive word of mouth to stay in business. The establishments that are run to high standards always get returning customers, and this will be further reflected in the quality of service you will get.

By maintaining just a small number of guests at any one time, a Bed and Breakfast can pretty much guarantee individual attention in a more intimate and sociable atmosphere than a hotel. The proprietor will be able to share tips and advice about the immediate location, as well as guide you to the best places to visit.

As most Bed and Breakfast establishments are run like a home, you’ll find they will nearly all cater for children and offer a friendly, safe environment for families. Some will even allow you to take pets along for your stay.

Then of course there’s the breakfast. The mainstay of any visit to a Bed and Breakfast, your early meal will consist of freshly prepared food, usually incorporating a local delicacy. Vegetables may be grown by the proprietor and if you’re staying in a farmhouse, the dairy produce may even be produced directly on the farm! Some owners will also offer lunches and main meals, or even supply packed lunches as part of your stay.

As most B&Bs will run less than half a dozen rooms, it makes the ideal place to meet up with old friends or family members. If it’s in an area that’s new to you all, the Bed and Breakfast offers a great central location for you all to head back to if you end up doing different things.

Because of the low number of guests, there’s also the advantage of security. The owner will be aware of their property and be on guard at all times. The quiet atmosphere of a Bed and Breakfast means there’s a greater respect for the privacy of fellow guests, so you won’t expect noisy parties to be going on in the next room.

Above all, the Bed and Breakfast offers a richer experience for the traveller, and for a cheaper price. In many ways, they offer the best option when staying away from home. You can find Bed and Breakfast establishments by making use of a free online directory service such as Directory Store – so why not start planning your break right now? Your British B&B holiday is just one click away!

Ian Terry

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