Saunas – What Are the Benefits?

Written on:April 22, 2013
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Reap the benefits of a sauna

Most of us will have heard mention of sauna baths at some point – but how many of us have actually been in a sauna and felt the benefits of a steam bath? Read more…

Getting Crafty with Your Clothes

Written on:April 22, 2013
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If you like designer clothing but you’re feeling the pinch right now, you might have found that new clothes from the top labels have become one luxury that you simply can’t afford. And while there’s the possibility of buying last season’s lines at a discounted price, you might still want to step out in style with something totally new.


Has Digital Meant the End of ‘Real’ Music?

Written on:April 10, 2013
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There are so many ways to listen to music now, such as streaming online, downloading albums or singles, or using devices such as iPods and MP3 players. Not only this, but music itself can be created digitally. No longer is a whole band required to create a song and sounds of instruments can be created with digital music software. And even instruments themselves have begun to become more digital –…


Do You Dare to Dip-Dye?

Written on:April 10, 2013
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Just like clothing, hairstyles go through trends too. Dip-dyeing/ombre hair is one of the latest that is currently sweeping not only the celebrity circles, but at hairdressers too. But what is it?


UK B&Bs – A Great, Economical Way to Holiday!

Written on:March 15, 2013
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In these cash-strapped times, it’s difficult to plan for a holiday.  Many people are used to the idea that a significant holiday will cost a small fortune, but that’s really not the case.  Once you decide to have a holiday on a budget, you’ll discover you can have a memorable holiday without even leaving the British Isles.


Giving Your Business the Perfect Plan

Written on:March 14, 2013
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If you’re a fan of television shows like The Apprentice or Dragon’s Den, chances are that you might be a bit of an entrepreneur yourself. Have you had a great idea or strong desire to embark on your own business venture? Maybe you’re already on that path, and you’re developing your own business idea into something?


Join Something Local

Written on:March 13, 2013
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Have you ever found yourself feeling bored or lonely? Don’t worry – we’ve all been there before, so you won’t be alone in feeling alone! It’s a peculiarly modern phenomenon in many ways, but while it feels like the world is a less social place and everyone only connects online, it probably isn’t the case.


Would You Ever Take the Plunge and Move Abroad?

Written on:March 8, 2013
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People consider emigrating for a number of reasons. Some people get sick of the typical cold, rainy English weather, and wish for a hotter climate with more sunshine. Perhaps you have family in another country? A change of scenery can often do people a world of good. Moving can provide new opportunities, both in work and in your personal life too. Whatever your reasons though, you should make a list…


Horse Riding – The Pros and Cons

Written on:March 5, 2013
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It’s the beginning of the year, the time when plenty of us are thinking about starting a brand new exercise regime. Many joined a gym or started a local sport in an attempt to get in shape. But how many of you thought about horse riding as an alternative?


Hitch Without A Hitch

Written on:February 4, 2013
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In the TV programme ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ the groom has to make ALL the wedding decisions in return for a £12,000 budget.